Welcome to the EAT-SET site. EAT-SET : Emergency Auto Transfusion Set. Main features include:Rapid recovery of blood from internal haemorrhage. Simple to use. It can be totally manually operated.Closed system, No risk of infection transmission.Cost effective; Main container can be reused after sterilization. Only filters and tubing lines are discarded after use.

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UNDP And Sustainable Human Development

In all this interventions, UNDP is guided by the ultimate objectives of ensuring that on a long-term basis, development is for, by and of the people. The focus of UNDP’s assistance is therefore now on Sustainable Human Development (SHD). In this respect, emphasis is placed in ensuring development that improves people’s lives in the long-term. Accordingly, UNDP provides strong support to programmes that lead to poverty reduction, create jobs, empower disadvantaged groups such as women, promote the judicious use of natural resources, and provide basic social services. Our ultimate aim is to assist countries to build capacities for formulating and managing programmes in these areas.

With limited resources, innocative low cost interventions such as the EATSET Device which are suited to the needs of people and which emphasize the upliftment of the standards of living should be promoted for accelerated development. EATSET is therefore a good example of the type of activities that UNDP would like to support. It is simple to use, of low cost, while the simple design and technology does not compromise its effectiveness and efficiency.

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