Welcome to the EAT-SET site. EAT-SET : Emergency Auto Transfusion Set. Main features include:Rapid recovery of blood from internal haemorrhage. Simple to use. It can be totally manually operated.Closed system, No risk of infection transmission.Cost effective; Main container can be reused after sterilization. Only filters and tubing lines are discarded after use.

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The Presidency
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Federal Government has realized the health danger of blood transfusion to which the general public is exposed and directed the Federal Ministry of Health to commission several studies and committees towards the establishment of National Blood Transfusion Service and the provision of safe blood.

One of such studies recommended to the United Nation Development Program was the pilot study on the Emergency Auto-Transfusion Device - The EAT-SET designed for developing countries to save the lives of those who suffer from attacks of internal bleeding.

The idea was received initially with a mixture of excitement and sceptism as is always the case with all innovations. Government is however aware that not all research prove positive and hence committed a risk fund from its UNDP support.

Government is therefore grateful to the United Nations Development Program and the World Health Organization for their assistance and look forward to further collaborative effort in product development in Nigeria

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