Welcome to the EAT-SET site. EAT-SET : Emergency Auto Transfusion Set. Main features include:Rapid recovery of blood from internal haemorrhage. Simple to use. It can be totally manually operated.Closed system, No risk of infection transmission.Cost effective; Main container can be reused after sterilization. Only filters and tubing lines are discarded after use.

What is Autotransfusion ?

Autotransfusion is an established technique for the collection and subsequent reinfusion of the patient's own blood. It not only prevents transmission of diseases but also avoids immunological complications of homologous transfusion. Autotransfusion permits greater flexibility in the use of blood bank supply.

Advantages of Transfusion
Rapid availability of blood. Does not require any

blood storage facilities.

No risk of disease transmission.
No incompatibility of product transfused.
No risk of alloimmunization.
Conserves blood banks supply.

System Description
EAT - SET is a system for recovering blood from internal bleeding. Its primary application is for patients with internal haemorrhage. Such blood can be safely reinfused if processed within the first 24 hours after haemorrhage. Blood is aspirated through a multiple filtering unit into a collection container and is reinfused by gravity to the patient after a filtration process.

The main features of the EATSET are as follows:
Rapid recovery of blood from internal haemorrhage.
Simple to use: Can be totally manually operated.
Closed system: No risk of infection transmission.
Cost effective: Disposable except manual
    pumping unit.


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Gen Ovadje, after Eatset Lectures at the congress of west africa college of surgeons in the Gambia 2003

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